The Phil Network

Organizational networking, projects and trust

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How do you manage contacts and track progress on cross-team projects?


A digital platform for organizations, mirroring the real world's relations. Structured as a social network. Allows organizations to connect, communicate accountably, authenticate, approve contracts and trade - within a live model of their actual value network.


The business world consists of networks - of people and organizations. This fundemental context should be reflected in our information systems. By digitalizing the relation networks, the platform helps their users keep track of connections, resources, roles and communications. A digitalized value network enables users to browse, document and publish their relations and allows for simple yet robust generic automation.


Any firm or organization that participate in some form of network to deliver value to their followers. Anyone who needs to model their business, and who wants to use the model for more than static presentation slides. Anyone who wants to guarantee their identity and establish digital trust on the Internet.

How do you enable your vendors to collaborate - to meet your goals?

How do you visualize and prove your relations - for investors or new team members?

How do you arrange efficient and just tenders? Sharing information and supporting all parties?

The Phil Network is the obvious answer!

Why? Because most value adding business practices, such as trade, consultancy, contract approval, short or long term project collaboration and the like - involves several people and organizations. These are serving specific roles in the processes. Most business systems of today fails to address this. They either focus and cater to one of the roles specifically, forgets the personal dimension, or ignores the role aspect all together. The Phil Network welcomes all organizations, and treats them as natural members of their different value networks, carefully honoring individual employees and leaders. This multi dimensional approach, in the cloud, enables a range of new structural opportunities, just waiting to benefit your business.



Set up phone or video calls throught the web browser. Send text messages or emails - without sharing contact details. Drag & drop files and documents. Ask for formal approval on critical activities or changes.


Create activities and projects in a layered structure. Add people and resources where they are needed. Invite interal or external teams. Aggregate estimates, costs, remaining work, issues and key figures.

Chat for your web page

Improve sales by reaching out to prospects on you web page. Also a full blown team collector, allowing visitors to register and connect their team on the Phil Network. This makes it the perfect B2B chat.

Anonymous Connections

Connect to a potential vendor without disclosing your identity. Let the Phil Network serve as your agent, sharing only what you want

A value network is the context within which a firm establishes a cost structure and operating processes and works with suppliers and channel partners in order to respond profitably to the common needs of a class of customers.

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